450 Bolt and Barrel Combo

450 Bolt and Barrel Combo

Brand: Trident Armory
Product Code: BBC-18
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One custom made barrel, and a matched bolt- 

If you are building your own 450, using the right components will ensure a quality product. 

Our hand lathed barrels are match grade, air gauged and hand chambered to minimum spec.  

Mated to one of our 450 bolts, hardened to exacting specs ensures that you get the performance you expect, shot after shot.

No big bore AR barrels are more accurate.  


Down Payment Information
note: Complete Rifles, Uppers, and Barrels are all made to order to customer specification. The downpayment charge will place your order in our production schedule. We will follow up on all downpayments to discuss your build project and needs. Lead times do vary depending on season and order backlog. Please call before placing an order if timing is a concern. We can be reached via email at office@tridentarmory.com or via phone at 207-848-2804.