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Long Range Riflery



Long Range Rifle-01 is a skill filled class introducing and reinforcing the skills required to engage a target beyond the traditional one and two hundred yard lines.
Students will learn the skills to make hits out to 600 yards on silhouette targets.

in order to do this, you must first learn
-breathing control
-target focus
-trigger control
-firearm deployment control
and more

You do not need a sniper rifle to do this, students frequent our range with standard bolt action rifles, as well as some semi autos. You do however need optics for this class. We encourage magnification of 10x or above.

Class round count- 80-100

LR-01 Difficulty: MED
Learning Curve: MED
Previous Skill required: HG-101 or Equiv.
Equipment Needed:AR-type rifle or bolt action, with optics of minimum 9X mag.
Physical Requirements: Stand/Sit/Walk/Crouch

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