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About Us

Trident Armory’s owner, James Collins  has spent the last 12 years shooting competitively at a local and national level. Tired of competing on the range with one type of rifle and then hunting through the fall with another, James decided to design an AR type rifle that would be more accurate, more durable and hit harder.  James knew early on that the market was saturated with designs that were all very similar, and to create a niche, he would have to design something bigger, stronger, and with tighter tolerances. Accuracy and reliability are the pillars he founded this company with.


Billet structural aluminum was the only possible option.  Trident billet uppers and lowers are stronger than standard AR components, and with custom features found only on Trident rifles.


Trident Armory, in 2009 introduced its first production rifle the LRT. Leaving gunsmoke in its trail and taking ribbons across the nation, the LRT was an instant success. Now the LRT rifle has found a new home, In the law enforcement community, as a precision tactical rifle.

In late 2010, Trident released its flagship model, the Big Boar.


Taking the 450 Bushmaster cartridge to the absolute max, Trident released a 450 Bushmaster on a heavier frame, with tighter tolerances than ever seen before. Pushing velocities to the extreme, the Trident 450 will push a 300 grain hollowpoint at a sizzling 2500fps. Speeds that would ruin a mil spec rifle.


 James is confident that Trident Armory builds the best in class rifles. With a sales and tech staff that is knowledgeable and ready to serve, Trident continues to prove that they are here to stay, and lead the way.

“ I didn’t reinvent the wheel here, I just made it stronger, prettier and smoother to drive on. I look forward to the opportunity to build the best gun in your safe”.
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